Last year I (Mike Ballard - took the Cherokee language immersion class at Cherokee, North Carolina, and highly recommend the course. Herein is information about this year's class.

Bo Taylor's Cherokee language immersion class will be offered July 5 – 10, off on Sunday, then July 12-15, 2010. This ten-day class will teach conversational Cherokee language using the Total Physical Response Method and the Rassius Method developed at Dartmouth. Open to the general public ages 16 and up, the class costs $500. EBCI enrolled members cost is $100.00. For information, contact Bo Taylor at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian by phone at 1-828-497-3481 or by email at To register and pay, contact Sharon Littlejohn by phone or by email at

The class will be led by Bo Taylor, along with at least one Cherokee elder in every class session. The ten-day class focuses on immersing participants in Cherokee language through classroom activities, interaction with elders, and field trips. The class will not cover reading and writing Cherokee using Sequoyah’s syllabary. College credit is not offered for this course.

Bo Taylor works as Archivist at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian and also lectures on Cherokee music, dance and spirituality. He has studied Cherokee language with Robert Bushyhead and Walker Calhoun for more than ten years and is dedicated to the preservation of the Cherokee language. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with a minor in Cherokee Studies from Western Carolina University. He has taught Cherokee language at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, in the Cherokee History and Culture Institute, and through the Cultural Resources Office of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. He also dances with the Warriors of AniKituhwa.

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