The Awi Akta District of the Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana Territory (NCNOLT) covers a lot of space (all of Kansas) and even two time zones (Central and Mountain)! Because there is currently only one District Representative for Kansas and I live in Topeka, all the District meetings are held in this area. We do alternate between Topeka and Holton to try to accommodate more members, but that isn't much help to our spread out South and West members. It is our belief that Kansas is to big for just one District and we are searching for NCNOLT members who would be interested in holding meetings in their area. We are willing to help you get started meeting, and to eventually form additional Districts in the State of Kansas. For discussion and more information please contact the Kansas District Representative at

The Awi Akta District (Kansas) Representative is Conchita (Connie) Ballard. Connie is the District's representative to the NCNOLT Tribal Council and can be reached at